Issue 22 Now Available

Howdy-doodle, Thugketeers!

It’s another sixty days, another issue of your favorite mag and mine! CAT FANCY!


Aaaaand there’s also another issue of Thuglit. So put your reading pants on and get with the goodness.

To avoid confusion (and hate mail), I feel the need to clarify why below, you see two stories. One by Rob Hart, and another by Robert Hart.  “WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!?” you shriek!

The answer in and of itself lays along a path of questions that some say leads only to madness…and maybe a Corgi in a sundress. Shit gets weird when you ask questions…and eat a can of expired mushrooms while writing out a newsletter. What was I saying?

Oh yeah, madness, questions… AND the answer IS…

They’re two different dudes!!!

thuglit22I KNOW!!!

One is from England, and one is from the U.S. of A.  OR ARE THEY???

I don’t know. Just read the fucking thing.


  • The Jackpot by Tom Barlow
  • Last Request by Rob Hart
  • Stress Positions by Matthew J. Hockey
  • Fkakted by Robert Hart
  • Game Dog by Joshua D. Moyes
  • The Easter Island Johnny by Jon Zelazny
  • Cranfills Gap by William Dylan Powell
  • That Dreaded Undertow by Nolan Knight


See you in 60, fuckos!

Todd Robinson (Big Daddy Thug)


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