About the mag

Who are we? Who the fuck are you? You think you can just show up here and…

Hold on, what…?


Sorry about that. Rhoda, our imaginary publicist, is telling me to be nice.

Thuglit is the magazine that has been kicking crime fiction’s ass since 2005. We’re the dirt under the fingernails of the genre. We’re the whiskey in your glass, the smoke in your lungs and the uh… free ride when you’ve already paid?

Moving on.

We’re the people who’ve featured some of today’s top crime novelists back when they were just Pulp Pups. Chris Holm, Roger Hobbs, Hilary Davidson, Stuart Neville, Johnny Shaw…to name a few. And we’re the guys and gals bringing you the top talent of tomorrow, right the fuck now. Don’t say we didn’t give you notice.


I knew you could.

And to those of you who can’t?

Your milky tea is getting cold.


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About the boss

IMG_3523Todd Robinson (a.k.a. BIG DADDY THUG) is the creator and chief editor of Thuglit. His short fiction has appeared in Plots With Guns, Needle, Shotgun Honey, Out of the Gutter, Pulp Pusher, Grift, Demolition Magazine, CrimeFactory and DangerCity.  His writing has been nominated for a Derringer Award, short-listed for Best American Mystery Stories, selected for Writers Digest’s Year’s Best Writing 2003 and won the inaugural Bullet Award in June 2011.

His non-fiction editorials have appeared in Crimespree Magazine. He is also the editor of the crime fiction anthologies: Hardcore Hardboiled (2008, Kensington Books), Sex, Thugs and Rock & Roll (2009, Kensington Books), and Blood, Guts and Whiskey (2010, Kensington Books). In 2011, the screenplay adaptation of his short story, “Car Number 20 on the Southern Belle Line” (re-titled CAR NUMBER 20) was a quarterfinalist for the prestigious Nicholls Fellowship in Screenwriting.

The Hard Bounce, his debut novel, was released in 2013. He has also released a collection of short stories, Dirty Words.

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About the crew

Allison Glasgow (a.k.a. LADY DETROIT, Editor) is a bookseller living in NYC. She has been with Thuglit since day one and has several award-winning stories under her editorial belt. Her own fiction has been published with Literary Orphans, Shotgun Honey, and New World Writing, under the pen name Nellie Aberdeen.

Julie McCarron (a.k.a. THE BLUE DAHLIA, Copyeditor) is a celebrity ghostwriter with three New York Times bestsellers to her credit. Her books have appeared on every major entertainment and television talk show; they have been featured in Publishers Weekly and excerpted in numerous magazines including People. Prior to collaborating on celebrity bios, Julie was a book editor for many years. Julie started her career writing press releases and worked in the motion picture publicity department of Paramount Pictures and for Chasen & Company in Los Angeles. She also worked at General Publishing Group in Santa Monica and for the Dijkstra Literary Agency in Del Mar before turning to editing/writing full-time. She lives in Southern California.

Rob Hart (a.k.a. HARTBREAKER) is the author of The Last Safe Place: A Zombie Novella, and his short stories have appeared in publications like Thuglit, Needle, Shotgun Honey, Joyland, and Helix Literary Magazine. He assists Thuglit with marketing and website design/maintenance. His debut novel, New Yorked, is being released in June 2015 by Polis Books. (Twitter | Facebook | Website)